Terms & Conditions

C&M Relocation Systems                                                                                                                            Standard Terms & Conditions




  1. The customer or the customer’s agent will be present at origin and destination during the actual move. This representative will be authorized to make changes to the scope of the move.
  2. This price includes moving and placing items once. Subsequent moving and re-handling may result in additional charges.
  3. Unless otherwise noted in the proposal, this price is for one (1) delivery and pickup of office & industrial moving cartons or similar moving containers.
  4. Unless stated within the scope of work, this cost proposal does not include electrical or mechanical disconnection and reconnection of any items.
  5. This contract will apply only when the following conditions exist at both origin and destination facilities.

a)        Exclusive and uninterrupted use of the agreed upon number of elevators at both facilities and adequate light, heat, air, and power.

b)        All areas must be free of trash, debris or any other impediments to moving.

c)        Construction, renovation, new furniture installation and decorating work must be complete and in such a state not to impede the move.

  1. Any alterations or deviations from the specifications listed in this agreement may result in an adjusted price and is payable during the course of the terms of payment listed in this agreement.
  2. Parking citations received during the course of the move will be remunerated by the customer.
  3. Situations that are not in the direct control of C&M Relocation Systems such as occupancy issues, unforeseen traffic delays, accidents, severe weather, or acts of God may result in additional charges.
  4. Changes in the sequence or scheduling of the move may result in an adjusted price at time and material rates.
  5. Customer will adhere to the guidelines set forth in the scope of work provided by C&M Relocation Systems.


Transit Protection

  1. It is the policy of C&M Relocation Systems to repair or replace any items damaged during the handling of your move up to the statutory limits of sixty cents (60¢) per pound per article. Additional valuation can be purchased.
  2. Claims will not be valid unless:

a)        Presented in writing within five (5) working days after completion of the move.

b)        Payment is made in-full according to the terms of this proposal

  1. C&M Relocation Systems reserve the right of first refusal to make all repairs.
  2. The customer’s employees are required to handle the move movement of all personal items such as wallets, purses, artwork photographs, cash box, small plants, personal electronic devises and any item or articles of extraordinary value.
  3. C&M Relocation Systems assumes no liability for articles packed or unpacked by anyone other than C&M Relocation Systems, nor does the company assume liability for any concealed item, unless caused and accompanied by external damage.
  4. No liability shall be provided for the mechanical or electrical derangement of computers, televisions, refrigerators, or other instruments or appliances unless otherwise evidenced by external damage to such equipment.
  5. In the event a property manager requests a certificate of insurance of twenty-five (25) dollar administrative fee will apply.  In the event that a waiver of subrogation is needed the following administrative fees will apply: Proposals up to $10,000 are a $300 fee. $10,000-$20,000 are a $400 fee $20,000-$40,000 are a $500 fee. $40,000-$60,000 is a $600 fee.  Proposals greater than $60,000 are to be determined.


Payment Terms


C&M Relocation Systems requires a 50% deposit at the pre-move planning meeting and the remaining 50% at the start of the move, unless otherwise negotiated.  If payment is not received at the start of the move, delays could occur.  A change order for standby time will be issued.  In the event of a change order during the project, an invoice will be created for the amount due.  A finance charge of 1 ½ % per month will apply to late payments.  If you choose to use the services of Networx Relocation Group, you will be invoiced separate from C&M Relocation Systems.


Letter of Intent


Once the Letter of Intent has been signed and returned the customer has agreed to have C & M Relocation Systems perform the Relocation.

C & M Relocation Systems will set aside allotted manpower, equipment, and time slot for this move. Since C & M Relocation Systems has blocked off this time slot for your company and your company only and will turn down other possible projects, any cancellation of this project would result in C & M Relocation Systems being paid the total amount of the proposal.


Other Terms


  1. C&M Relocation Systems will not be responsible for or held liable for the following:

a)        Any interruptions or additional cost incurred caused by encountering unknown utilities or insufficient foundations.

b)        Damage to curbs, streets, sidewalks, underground items or parking areas when access is required in these areas to complete the project.

c)        Damage to existing driveways, flooring or structural damage to the building resulting from or caused by the weight of the items being moved or the weight of the equipment required to move the aforementioned items or the combination of the two.


d)        C&M will use all care necessary to move particle board furniture safely but cannot guarantee its safety and will not be liable or responsible if it is damaged or breaks.



C&M Relocation Systems                                                                                                                    Standard Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions Continued:



  1. Effective January 1, 2000 California reverted back to daily overtime rules.  This means that we as the employer are obligated by law to pay:

a)        Time and a half for all hours worked more than (8) hours in one workday, or more than forty hours in one workweek.

b)        Time and a half for the first (8) hours worked on the seventh day of work in that workweek.

c)        Double-time for all hours worked in excess of (12) hours in one workday.

d)        Double-time for all hours worked more than (8) hours on the seventh day of the workweek.


What this means to you as our customer, is if any C&M employee is assigned to your move project falls into the above hours worked they will be paid accordingly, and you will be billed accordingly.  However, C&M will only pass on the additional cost that we incur or be in compliance with the Labor Laws.  No additional profit is added or realized.


The following Overtime and Additional Charges will apply:

  • $10.00 per hour for hours worked passed 8 hours in one day.
  • $20.00 per hour for hours work passed 12 hours in one day and Sundays.


  1. Boxes, Materials and Rental Equipment:  The box count listed in the move quote is only an estimate.  The boxes are offered at a rental rate of $1.00 per box.  In the event you require additional boxes an additional cost of $1.00 per box will apply along with an applicable delivery charge.  It is you the customer’s responsibility to make C&M aware of any boxes, materials or rental equipment left at you facility or facilities after the completion of the move.  Failure to do so will result in rental charges or a purchase of boxes, materials or rental equipment.   Client will be responsible to pay the higher cost (equipment rental vs. purchase price). In the event the before mentioned items are not returned within the allotted time the following charges will apply:


a)        Box:                        $1.00 a week rental or $2.50 to purchase.

b)        Computer Bag:         $2.00 a week rental or $5.00 to purchase.

c)        Zip Lock Bag:            $1.00 a week rental or $5.00 to purchase.

d)        Tyga Bin:                  $5.00 a week rental or $35.00 to purchase.

e)        Tyga Wheel:             $5.00 a week rental or $60.00 to purchase.

f)         Gondola:                  $15.00 a week rental or $175.00 to purchase.

g)        Library Carts:            $15.00 a week rental.

h)        Speed Carts:             $15.00 a week rental.

i)         Dolly:                       $5.00 a week rental or $40.00 to purchase.

j)         Picture Cart:            $15.00 a week rental or $175.00 to purchase.

k)        Panel Cart:                               $15.00 a week rental or $165.00 to purchase.

l)         Pad:                         $3.00 a week rental or $20.00 to purchase.




  1. Pricing is based on movement from the ground floor of the origin facility to the ground floor of the new facility, unless otherwise discussed.  In the event that there is not an elevator at destination and stairs are used to complete the project, additional charges will be assessed.  A change order will be issued.  Rescheduling of your move without a five day notice is subject to a thirty-five percent processing fee and costs of any rental equipment.  Rescheduling of your move without 72 hour notice is subject to a fifty percent processing fee and costs of any rental equipment.
  2. If disputes relevant to this agreement require litigation, the prevailing party is entitled to recover all attorney fees, including collection costs.
  3. This price is valid for ninety (90) days, at which time we would appreciate the opportunity to re-evaluate the scope of work and update our quote, if necessary.



General Lien For Changes:  The company shall have a general lien upon any and all property now or hereafter delivered to or deposited with the company by the customer for the legal possessor of such property for all charges for transportation, storage, preservation of the property, and the performance of other services, also for all lawful claims for money advanced, interest, insurance, labor, weighing, coopering wrapping and other charges in relation to such property or any part thereof;  also for all costs incurred and allowed to be recovered as reasonable expenses under the California Commercial Code or Civil Code in collecting said charges or enforcing its lien, or defending itself in the event that it is made a party to any litigation concerning said property.  In the event of sale under this paragraph the company may retain out of the proceeds thereof an amount sufficient to pay all unpaid charges, plus interest thereon at the legal rate per month charged monthly will be made together with costs incurred in possession and foreclosure, including attorney fees.


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