Technology Relocation Services (NetworX)

During relocation, it is vital that servers, computers, printers, phones and other essential equipment are up and running as soon as possible. The main goal of C&M’s NetworX Relocation Group, Inc. is to provide professional and experienced technicians that will augment your existing staff, allowing them to focus on the critical task, while our personnel handle the preparation and movement of your high valued assets.

NetworX Relocation Group provides a seasoned relocation crew who specialize in the safe handling and movement of these assets. Air-ride trucks, state-of-the-art equipment and expert know-how are a few of the reasons for our company’s success.

NetworX will:

  • Provide an inventory of all of your electronic assets;
  • Disconnect all connections;
  • Package for safe travel;
  • Protect before, during and after transport;
  • Safely transport your assets to their new location;
  • Reconnect and test.

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