Move Planning

Successful business relocation’s start with knowing all the moving parts. You’ve already got a full-time job. Adding “business relocation” to your list of duties can be a whole other level of stress. Once you sign the Letter of Intent, we guide you and take full responsibility for your relocation.

Our staff are meticulous, detail-oriented troubleshooters who solve problems before they happen. Their job is to serve as your trusted advisers and personal assistants—all dedicated to making your life easier and your office move as trouble-free as possible.

With C&M by your side, you’ll get:

  • Expert advice and guidance, every step of the way;
  • Labeling systems;
  • Scheduling and move sequences;
  • Playbooks (moving guides) and planning materials for every type of commercial move;
  • Employee move instructions, training aids and presentations;
  • A layout/floor plan designed for your new space;
  • Extra help for complex moves or especially busy relocation coordinators;
  • Detailed planning with your individual departments;
  • A master schedule created, managed and maintained;
  • Move training for your employees;
  • Coordination with landlords and necessary vendors;
  • Pre-move equipment purges and document shredding.

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