Furniture Services

Whether you want to reuse your existing furniture or entirely redesign the look of your new office, you can count on us for all of the services that you would expect from a furniture dealer. Plus, we are committed to keeping your costs down by helping you with space planning, then reusing and repairing existing furniture before deciding when you need to buy new furniture.

We offer business furniture solutions from space planning to good posture

  • Professional drawings to help plan your new workplace;
  • Furniture inventory services to help you organize, reuse, liquidate, donate or recycle your existing furniture;
  • Help programming the new office, defining who sits where and what is required for each department;
  • Buy new or remanufactured furniture: modular office furniture, workstations, seating, desks, conference room furniture and more;
  • Commercial furniture cleaning, refurbishment and repair;
  • Professional installation and reconfiguration of your modular and systems furniture;
  • Ergonomic products and services to improve the productivity and comfort of your employees;
  • Products and post-business move support to customize and adjust the ergonomics, comfort and working conditions of your employees.

Does your IT team need support for your next move?

Learn about our Technology Relocation Services (NetworX)

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