Many facilities professionals believe that using multiple vendors is the only answer for handling projects that involve space facilities_services-266x266planning, furniture installation and moving. C&M Relocation Systems combines the services of a furniture supplier, installer, mover and technology experts, all working together to deliver exceptional quality. The results save you time, frustration, and moving cost.

For temporary or permanent facilities support needs, we can provide the people you need to move forward through dynamic business cycles.

Business Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC)

C&M Relocation Systems provides dedicated facilities service teams to help you manage on-going business moves, adds and changes within your facilities. You work with a C&M Relocation Systems team who is dedicated to doing things right the first time. Our carefully chosen team members are responsible for becoming familiar with your facilities, your way of doing business and your expectations.

  • Small moves and deliveries to help you serve the ongoing requests from your end-users;
  • Event setups to handle everything from re-configuring conference rooms, staging meeting areas and preparing for company events;
  • Furniture reconfiguration to customize work areas to meet the needs of your co-workers;
  • Ergonomic adjustments to improve the comfort and productivity of your co-workers.


Furniture and Asset Management Services

The disposition of furniture can be a financial drain on an organization. Without accurate inventory information, it’s easy to store more surplus furniture than you need and purchase items already on hand. C&M Relocation Systems’ asset management system gives you control—providing accurate and transparent accounting of your furniture assets. With complete and current data at hand you will:

  • Store only the surplus furniture you need;
  • Avoid accidentally purchasing items you already own;
  • Make cost-saving decisions of what to keep and what to buy;
  • Have access to off-Site Storage & Asset Management;
  • Charitably recycle or liquidate obsolete inventory.


Project Management & Staffing

One of the biggest challenges to business productivity is managing the size of your internal staff, while keeping pace with a dynamic and ever-changing workload. C&M Relocation Systems understands your need to execute facilities services in a fast-paced and constantly evolving business environment. We offer scalable and flexible staffing solutions covering:

  • Space planning
  • Project management
  • Administrative tasks


Strategic Program Management and Consulting

In today’s climate, everybody is working leaner and finding ways to do things more efficiently. C&M Relocation Systems is an ideal business moving partner, providing a smart, collaborative approach for achieving your business moving goals. You can count on us to:

  • Work with you to identify improvement opportunities
  • Process improvements
  • Improve responsiveness to your end-users
  • Help you save money, avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Improve facilities support to your internal customers

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