Ewaste Removal and Recycling

C&M Relocation Systems is now a complete Ewaste recycling center and is now capable of handling complete facility http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-recycling-symbol-keyboard-image9349976closures. C&M Relocation systems will pick up and recycle or destroy your Ewaste including:

  • TV’s  and Monitors (LCD, Plasma, CRT);
  • Computers, Towers, Servers Switches and all data center gear;
  • Laptops, Printers, Keyboard and mouse;
  • Telephone switches, handsets, cell phones, personal electronic devices;
  • Batteries, wire and cable;
  • Audio Video Equipment;
  • Machinery, metal racking and most any metallic item;
  • Many other electronic devices.


Certified Hard Drive Destruction

Protect your company’s data by using C&M’s Certified Hard Drive destruction.  All equipment removed from your premises will have their hard drives removed, physically mutilated and sent to Certified Drive Recycling Centers.  You will receive a letter of destruction after the process is complete.

C&M Relocation Systems can also destroy unwanted data tape Hard Drive bisecting or Chipping services are also available.

Note: Did you know that all copy machines and printers manufactured today have Hard Drives embedded in their systems?

End of Life Cable Extraction

With new building code laws in place, many tenants are required to extract their cable infrastructure prior to moving out of their space. C&M Relocation Systems offers extraction services by trained and licensed cable contactors. We will remove your tenant specific cables without damaging the Landlord owned cable and Infrastructure, e.g Ceiling grids, fire and life safety cabling, access control and any other Landlord systems

Hard Wire Equipment Disconnect and Reconnect / Extraction of Electrical Services

C&M Relocation Systems now offers equipment disconnect and reconnect for all High Voltage systems including:

  • Systems furniture;
  • Machinery;
  • Copy Machines and Printers;
  • Extraction and vacation of High voltage Panels systems, branch circuits, transformers and any electrical needed during your move and or closure

All work is performed by licensed C 10 Electricians and their staff

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